Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fudge, Facebook, & Avian Anger Issues

See that little fiend of walnutty, chocolatey deliciousness? Yeah, it looks sweet, but it has me in a fudge induced stupor right now. And I'm also wearing my stretchy pants, out of necessity, and not because I'm thinking of becoming a Mexican pro wrestler.

However, as this is the fundamental job of fudge, no hard feelings, little chunk o' heaven.

But because of the aforementioned stupor, I can only hold on to a single thought for just a few seconds before my mind wanders off and I wake up 30 minutes later swearing at a green pig in a hard hat for surviving the havoc my angry bird just wreaked on its house.

So. A few of those thoughts, and then it's back to strategizing. (Did you know those green ones can fly backwards?? What a world!)

  • I miss blogland. A lot. The crazy thing is, I became a blogger in order to practice writing. I had no idea all of YOU were out there, lining up to be supportive and kind and my friends and stuff. And then came the real stunner: blogging worked. I did improve as a writer. So much so that before I knew what was happening, I was, you know, a writer. And I slowly transitioned from being a blogger who did a little writing into a writer who did a little blogging. Be careful what you wish for, and all that jazz. 
  • If anyone is going to Costco this week, please pick up some laundry soap and those chocolate covered pretend pomegranate seeds for me. Then come to my house and do my laundry, because I'll be busy eating chocolate covered pretend pomegranate seeds.
  • I just read a comment on Facebook written by one of the guys who gave me such a hard time for saying 'damn' and 'hell' and 'visiting teaching' all in the same novel a couple of years ago. He absolutely loathed the movie Les Miserables because of the rape and the suicide and the suggestion that, if you add singing, it suddenly becomes Disney on Ice. Someone please send him a translation of the word 'miserables,' along with a list of books written for people older than age 11.
  • It's entirely possible I'm still bitter about the whole 'hell' and 'damn' and 'visiting teaching' thing.
  • Here's a psychology question for you all: Why do I always block access to my closet? I mean, always. My room was Christmas central for the last couple of weeks. Guess where everything landed? Right in front of my closet. We went on a trip last week. The suitcase is still sitting there, chatting up the wrapping paper and empty Amazon boxes, making the act of choosing a blouse to match Nacho Libre stretchy pants both perilous and acrobatic. And I always do this.  WHY?
  • I upgraded the operating system on my iPhone recently, and now it won't let me write sideways on Facebook. It's astonishing how annoyed this makes me.
I'm noticing that there is a certain grumpiness to these observations, which doesn't make sense because I'm actually quite happy about the way things are going at the moment. Is it possible I've developed a dual personality, and the other one is a big, red, triangle-shaped bird? Cuz that would explain what I did to the ham this morning.

I'll be back after the New Year! Stay warm, ma peeps!


Stacy said...

If you ask me, "damn" and " hell" go perfectly in the same sentence with "visiting teachers."

Scooby and Jon said...

You mean miserables DOESN'T mean sunshine and rainbows? Crap, guess I better cancel my date for tomorrow night...
I think you put stuff in front of your closet due to your secret desire to perform in the circus. It's your only chance to practice your acrobatics, and you don't want to lose those abilities!

Kristina P. said...

Dammit to hell, my phone does that too!

Dixie Mom said...

There was the one time I said 'damn' and 'hell' in front of my visiting teachers....because I didn't know they were in the house. My 3 year old had let them in while I was in a frenzy in the kitchen. Awkward.
Maybe you could make a New Year's resolution to stop the closet blockage?

Jessica said...

Glad you posted. I missed your fudge this December.

JoeinVegas said...

Oh - fudge - I made a lot of cookies and forgot the fudge - just made a note to stop for evaporated milk on the way home so that I too can add chocolate stupor to cookie fits.

wendy said...

I had NO FUDGE for Christmas...I didn't make any, and no one gave me any.
WHAT is Christmas without Fudge.
Damn it to hell....not that great I say (tee,hee)

as for Les Mis...not sure I want to see it. Heard lots of conflicting opinions. it ALLLLLL singing.

Kazzy said...

I love your ramblings and your honesty.

I saw LM yesterday (after also seeing Lincoln a couple of hours before) and thought it was powerful story telling. Purists of the play will have something to say about it. People who like happy stories with wonderful resolutions and rainbows will have something to say about it. Seeing the personal, gut-wrenching solos up close, with all of the spit and tears and emotion, completely floored me. I seriously could hardly contain myself. I was a big ugly mess. Redemption, forgiveness, grace. All there.

My holiday addiction has been Ticket To Ride online. I was already kinda digging the board game and now it has gone and gotten all fast and slick on the iPad. Dang it.

Becca said...

Okay. So. Les Miserables. Saw it. Took the whole family. We all loved it, LOVED, and I think I was the only one who did not cry (not a crack in my StoneCold Heart). But I did LOVE the way the writers smuggled in so much (visually, mostly) from the book, and still made it fit the musical so beautifully. (Don't let me get started on the comments about "taking liberties with the original" by people who didn't know Victor Hugo ever wrote a book.)

I loved almost every performance. And I was surprised to love certain ones more and less than I expected to. (I totally bought the gentler Crowe Javert. Kid 1 disagreed. But not as much the Samantha Barks Eponine, when I expected to adore her as much as I did in the 25th anniversary concert. Weird.)

*I did breathe a little raggedly a few times. And don't worry about my heart. It's not really stony or cold. Just not currently connected to my tear ducts.

myimaginaryblog said...

The solution to your closet access is to have a sewing room. That's the spot in my house where everything gets piled.

It makes it hard to have room to sew, though.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I miss blogging too. But not more than I missed my kids when I did it too much which is I guess why I backed off. But daily I think about how the friendships, like yours, that I made through blogging and how they've permanently enriched my life. Also: Angry Birds doesn't do anything for me. But I get sucked into this stupid game called Insaniquarium for a couple of crazy days every few months.

tammy said...

My visiting teacher swears with me. I think that is the best kind to have.

I want fudge.

I will text that man for you. Just give me his number.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm hungry for fudge now. Good thing I didn't put down "loose weight" for my New Years resolution. Cuz I totally keep all of those.

Hope you found your closet.

And some fudge.

Eva Shifft said...

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