Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Tell Me Yours, I'll Tell You Mine

This is me, speaking at the Casual Bloggers Conference a few years ago.
Either that, or it's me playing peek-a-boo with a room of incredibly patient people.
No, I'm pretty sure it's the conference one.

November! Seriously? It seems like just 31 days ago it was September!

What's worse, I only blogged once in all of October. Remember when we blogged a couple times a week? And we were all reading each other's blogs? And commenting like crazy? And not always going on and on about making money on our blogs and stuff like that? Just hanging out together and having fun?

Sigh. I miss those days.

Now it's all 'Facebook' this and 'Pinterest' that and 'I have a life, you know' and blah blah blah. It is a sad, sorry state of affairs when having a life gets in the way of reading about falling down in public or the time I tried to get my driver's license and it was very inconveniently 9/11. I'm just saying.

So. A quick update.

The women in my family just finished our annual Girls' Weekend. We're up to 17 girls now, although my DIL couldn't make it. That's really a shame, on accounta this time there was nudity. Sorry. No pictures except the fully dressed one above. But I do have a video that, if I were one of those people who is always scrambling for ways to make money off the Internet, I could upload right now and pay off my house by Christmas.

Oh, the stories that emerge from Girls' Weekend. Remember the waxing year? And the time Jill and Kim scared Amber so bad she widdled in her drawers? And those are just the ones we blog about.

And speaking of stories, I have some news for those of you who might be interested in attending the Story @ Home Conference in Salt Lake City March 21-23, 2013.

And there is great news! The conference has been incorporated into the hugely popular RootsTech conference! This is such a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved -- inluding YOU!

Not only am I speaking on the subject of "Blogging as a Path to Self-Discovery," (No, I really am. I don't know, because they asked me to? Because it's exactly what has happened to me in a thousand different ways?) I have also been given the green-light to offer $10 off the already insanely reasonable ticket price of $79. Use the code URSTRY13 and your ticket will only be $69.

This is a 3-day event, and one I really believe in.

Anyway, if you have any interest in attending, don't forget to use that code. I want you to have the best deal you can get.

And if you'd like to see the video from this year's Girls' Weekend, PayPal me $1,000 and I'll email you the footage. I'll need 200 of you to do that if I'm going to have clear title to my house by the holidays.


Kristina P. said...

*This* time there was nudity? Come on. I have met Amber. I would say every time there is nudity.

Dixie Mom said...

Girls weekend...sounds great. Nudity, not so much.

Good luck with your blog conference!

AS Amber said...

Seriously, that video is worth more than $1,000. You're giving away all kinds of deals on this post!!!

Stephanie @ D. and D. said...

I do miss those days. And I'm excited to share the air with you at the conference.

L.T. Elliot said...

I've never been to that conference. Do you know what days in Feb it is? I should check it out.

I remember the waxing post. Oh, those were the days. I'm kind of a drunken rambler on the blogging bandwagon. Which pretty much sums up all of my blog posts. Dad always said I shouldn't drink and blog.