Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Drops of Oil

Hey, gang! As you all know, because you think about me night and day, I have a music degree and was a private voice and piano instructor for thirty years. When I tell you that this kid's story is astonishing, I'm coming at you from decades of experience.

15-year-old Kuha'o Case, blind from birth, discovered just two years ago that he had a natural gift for the piano. Click here to watch a video that, for whatever reason, I couldn't get to embed onto my blog.  When you get to the end, you'll learn that Kuha'o doesn't even OWN a piano; he practices on weekends when he goes to visit his grandparents, and he plays the organ in his church.

The boy is a true prodigy. He has perfect pitch (which means he can identify whatever pitch you're playing, or he can 'give' you the pitch for whatever note you need. "Hey, Kuha'o, hum a G for me." And he, you know, hums the G. Out of his head. With no instrument nearby to tell him if he's even close.) He's taught himself to play, and he can play anything after hearing it just a couple of times. I've had maybe five students in my career whose abilities matched this boy's, and they all could see.

Let's help buy this boy a piano, and fund his first CD. Good grief, he can't even go to high school because the only programs for blind students on the big island of Hawaii are private and expensive.  The boy deserves a chance. And while none of us could provide everything he needs, each of us might be able to do a little.

Inidentally, Kickstarter is this awesome website that allows small projects to collect donations in order to get the necessary funding. Whether you're trying to launch a performing career, create a community garden, make an indie film, or self-publish your books, Kickstarter makes it super easy to do so.

Just one more thing I love, and which I intend to support.


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