Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lotsa Reasons to Smile


I'm back. Cheerful me, not wind-sucking me. You know how it is, right? I thought so.

I don't have a ton of time (I always say that, and then I write War and Peace: The DeNae Years) but I wanted to just brag a little on my family. I'm allowed!

So, this weekend, we went to Logan to attend my son's commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. He's planning on law school soon, but for now he gets a break.

This picture also celebrates Vanessa's brilliant photography skills. She really is so talented.

Pretty handsome kid, no? It was a great day.

Here he is with his cute wife Karyn. They both graduated from USU this weekend;
he in History, she in Music.

Ever the sentimental fool, Brett gave David a set of Pez dispensers with the first five US Presidents' heads on them as a graduation gift. As is often the case when dealing with Brett's sense of humor, David is taking a minute to process the tenderness of such a special gift, and Brett is being amused enough for both of them.

I'm so proud of all my kids.  Every one of them is just rising to occasion after occasion.

This is Vanessa.  She's been made a director over the student ambassadors at BYUI.  So if you have a new freshman up there in Rexburg who needs a little extra help or encouragement or a good wedgie (in case your family normally did that sort of thing and your kid is feeling homesick) he or she can find this beautiful girl and ask her for help.

That's the girl who believes she's going to die alone because she's almost 22 and not married yet.  What kind of gibberish are they teaching at those religious schools, anyway??  I mean, LOOK at her!  Okay, stop looking.  Seriously, knock it off.  You're making her uncomfortable.

Cori is home for the summer from BYU-Hawaii, and is making noises about staying home and finishing her degree at MY alma mater, LaVernia's School of Utah Scone Making.  It's a great school, it really is.  I just wish the diploma hadn't been dripping honey for the last 25 years.

Ha, isn't DeNae the humorous one.  Actually, my alma mater, which would make it Cori's mater's alma mater if my made-up Latin is correct, is the University of Utah.  She's so smart she carts her brain around in a little wagon, which may also explain why, to this day, she never remembers to take a towel into the bathroom when she showers.

Here she is, in Hawaii. Have I mentioned that I have never, not once, been to Hawaii?
And now my kid has lived there for months. Not that I'm bitter.
I'm used to sublimating all my hopes and dreams for my children.

And Jake has been a Wickersham Brother in Seussical these last few days.  The Wickersham Brothers are essentially monkeys, and since teen-age boys are essentially monkeys, too, it's practically type casting.  He's had so much fun, and I gotta say, all grousing aside about -- well, all grousing aside -- our move to Utah has absolutely saved this boy.  He's found his smile again, and more friends than he can shake a stick at. Truly. He's exhausted with all the stick-shaking.

He's 2nd from the left, pointing menacingly at Horton. I think.

Jake's the one with his hands in the air.

You're not having fun with your sisters unless you're wiping sweat all over them.
In the next shot they're both barfing.

And I did have one other thing I wanted to mention. This is a picture of my baby sister, Amber, at the temple. We had just been inside. Together. Those of you who know her know what a wonderful day this was. I know my dad was close by.

Isn't she so dang cute?

You really need to click on this link and read her story. And then spend some time reading her archives, because she is bar none the funniest person in our family.  Honestly, I'm a monk with hemorrhoids compared to her. I don't like that image either, but hey, I'm just the messenger.

So that's what's happening with me and mine! See? I can just put up a blog post without whining or insisting you buy our book or promoting one or another of my eighty billion projects. 

Have an awesome week, mah peeps!


Kristina P. said...

Amber is truly the funniest person I know. Which, considering how funny you are, says a lot. I am so proud of her!

I am also disappointed she can no longer wear her slutty tanktops. My world has been turned upside down. Sob.

Rebecca said...

Ain't it great to brag on your kids? Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of! Thanks for sharing with us and letting us be happy with you. (And they are all so stinkin' cute!!)

Kazzy said...

Lotsa reasons, indeed.

You have a wonderful hubby and kids, and your life seems square with what counts.

Thanks for your blessing counting. It reminds me to count mine.


L.T. Elliot said...

Your children are so cute! Truly, they're good lookin' kids! (Must get it from their mom.) And I thought the Pez were AWESOME gifts!

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you and Amber. That is a beautiful day! (And truly, it gives me hope that someday my older sisters and I will have a day like that too.)

Love you, DeNae. I'm so happy to see you so happy!

AS Amber said...

So I MAY have been checking my email at a stop light this morning on my way to work. And I MIGHT have seen the first couple paragraphs of this post and saw that it was going to be about your kids and literally thought, "oohh...these are my favorite posts because I know these kids personally". I was very excited to get to work so I could read the rest of the post without being interrupted by all that pesky traffic!

So I read through and I'm just beaming; loving how great and darling and awesome your babies are. And LOVING them so so much. And I'm thinking, "yep, this is exactly why I love these posts. Because I LOVE this family."

And then I get to the part about me. And I get all choked up. Because if someone as awesome and wonderful and funny as YOU thinks I'M awesome and wonderful and funny...well Such a huge compliment!

Everyone should know how great you've been to me with this latest process I've gone through. Maybe I'll dust off my blog and do a post about it. But if I don't, know this: You've been a more significant player through all of it than you may ever know. You're example, your support, your cheerleading and your unfaltering love for me have all made this "thing" possible.

I love you so much, sister. And those darling, FANTASTIC kids and your cute boy up the street!!

seashmore said...

DeNae: you tell that Spud of yours to not force herself to get caught up in the marriage hype. Two of the greatest women I know didn't get hitched until they'd been single 28 years. Someone in the YSA scene out there needs her example...or one of her wedgies. Hard to say.

I had a similar weekend. My family drove 8+ hours so my dad could spend time in the temple together, about 10 years after he was rebaptized and 7 years after I started reactivating. Words inadequately express all the feelings of joy from so many sources.

Garden of Egan said...

Crap! I don't know if my aging bladder can go over to Ambers blog and read something funnier than I read here.....about your 'rhhroids and stuff. I have to attend to my attends after reading your posts.

Congrats on the handsome son. Good for him. Nothing like a Pez welding military man! (seriously nothing)

Also I do need V's bday. I believe she will be here in Iceburg for it, will she not?
I'm sorta proud of her too. I've seen that girl in action with the Ambassador thing...right in the ER. She's a gem!

Becca said...

Hooray for all those Handys. Handies? Something like that. But hooray anyway.

wendy said...

A monk with hemmrhoids...hysterical !!!!
YES I love AMBER !!! And her story is a great and inspiring one. To see her at the Temple is wonderful, and I am sure your dad was close by smiling his little face off.

It is so rewarding to see the accomplishments of our kids. Truly.
what...a pez dispenser with all pres.'s faces on them. Wow, what a find.
or something like that ?????

Jenny P. said...

I love happy things to celebrate posts.

tammy said...

You do have a lot to be happy about! I remember reading Amber's post before. It made me cry then and it made me cry now. Such a great reminder how the Lord knows each of us. I'm so happy for her and your family!

Lara said...

Definitely many reasons to smile. You are a lucky woman!

L.T. Elliot said...

Where are you, lady? I miss your guts. :D


Qait said...

XD HAAAA!!! A monk with hemorrhoids!!!!
Wow, if Amber can beat that, I think I'll die of laughter.
That's not a bad way to go, so I think I'll check out her blog! :D
Your whole family is awesome.