Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen

Me, Keith and Jake Cavanaugh
in Truffle Heaven

You'll have to excuse me if the screen is covered in chocolate. I've been enjoying my souvenirs from the best grown-up field trip north of Vegas.

Yesterday, I visited the Utah Truffles factory.  And while I was disappointed that there was no Gene Wilder to take me on a psychedelic boat trip along a chocolate river, I had the next best thing: Jake Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh. Name sound familiar? This guy was totally born to run a chocolate factory.  In fact, that's him up there with his dad -- Keith Cavanaugh, the guy who started it all.  

I know, right?

Guess what else is cool about Jake Cavanaugh?  His wife's name is Denae.  NO LIE!

So, why was I hanging out in Truffle Ground Zero?  Well, first, because it's a totally fun place to be!

When this guy wasn't looking, I jumped up on that table and made a chocolate angel.
Oh, please.  Like you wouldn't have done the same thing in my position.

Those are truffle bars in front, and baby truffles in the back.
They're so cute, in their little baby truffle bassinets.

Utah Truffles goes through 15,000 pounds of chocolate every month,
which is just under my personal average.

And the other reason I was there was to arrange to have creamy, divine, melt-in-your-mouth Utah Truffles included in a very special gift package, just in time for Mother's Day!

You can't see it, but that book is signed
by at least three of its contributing authors!

We've had the most wonderful response to our story collection "Tell Me Who I Am," and now it's available in a gift set which includes a pretty bookmark and -- that's right! -- a box of Utah Truffles!  All for just $20, which includes shipping.

But you'll want to order quickly; quantities really are limited, and the last day we can take orders and guarantee you'll receive your gift is Tuesday, May 8. 

The 'Add to Cart' button on my sidebar makes ordering easy and painless. 

I can think of all sorts of reasons to have a good book and a nice bookmark to keep track of where you're reading while you indulge in Utah Truffles, starting with "Because I feel like it" and working through "What if the Mayans were right and I never did that book and truffle thing DeNae told me was so awesome?"

That would be such a shame.

(comments are off so you'll have no distractions from ordering your yummy chocolate gift set!)