Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Guts than Brains

I know, I just used this picture.  But there's a reason this time. 
That's right: Last time it was a totally random posting. 
Like, it could just as easily have been a picture of Perry Mason.
Or a bag of drug samples from my narc dealing doctor.
You never know with me, huh?

Okay, enough boo-hooing.  It isn't my natural state and I can't stand the thought of that last post ringing through your crania.  I'm usually pretty chipper and on top of my emotional and psychic game, so we're going to just move on. 

But thank you -- all of you -- for your kindness and loving support.  I had several comments on my blog and on my FB page.  And e-mails, phone calls, and texts from friends, followers, and fellow travelers, all wishing me well and a pox on the gossips that occasionally make things difficult for the rest of us. 

You just can't imagine what a "hang in there" from someone who really owes you nothing but gives you their heart anyway can do for one's ability to get back into the game. 

You are a treasure, every last one of you.

Especially since I had to get back into the game in a really big way this weekend.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was the Story @ Home conference, and oh my heavenly days, what a wonderful event it was!  Storytelling, writing, blogging, family history, and one hundred thousand hugs from bloggy pals who long ago became real life friends.  It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

I did my speaking thing, and had such a good time.  Used the Steinway in the room to make my point about tension driving narrative the way tension drives harmony, and told the best ever wedding day story -- complete with a burning wedding gown the night before the big event -- and generally had so much fun with the delightful people who generously chose to spend an hour in my class.  I hope you all learned something, and took something of value with you.  It was a joy to spend that time together.

  • My old pal Ken and my new soul sistah Jenny did a fantastic class on blogging your faith. 
  • My dear writing partner and friend of friends Jana Parkin joined a new force in my personal universe by the name of Heather Madder to present a wonderful class on balance. 
  • Ed Thompson, my friend, music mentor and probably single greatest influence in my career combined his new-found genius for photo restoration with Jeff Parkin's ongoing genius for film and film preservation to teach a standing-room-only class that had the building buzzing with new fans. 
  • Annette Lyon talked about making family history a family affair, with some beautiful references to her 'other' native country, Finland.  Even if the only reason you buy "Tell Me Who I Am" is to read Annette's essay on Finland, it will be worth the investment.
Saw Tauna, Stephanie, Karen, and Emily. Met Stepper the Mighty, Kara Herron, Allison Moore Smith and a gazillion other dear followers who make the effort to poke their heads into the windows of my backordered life and say 'hey'.  And of course I got to spend just a few moments with my lovely friend and founder of this remarkable event, Carol Rice, who no doubt will sleep for three weeks solid after this weekend.

And...I boldly announced a 4-week writing workshop that I'll be conducting during the month of April. 

(NOTE:  I have since had to - again! - postpone the writing workshop.  I've been trying to do a writing workshop for two years now, only to have a bazillion things land on my desk that require more urgent attention.  Someday, I'll do a writing workshop.  And then I'll probably be hit by a blimp and that will be the end of it, all because I finally did the one thing I'd been trying to do before I croaked.)
Sold a few books.  Shed a few tears.  Spilled not one but TWO diet Cokes.  Only cussed the first time, so you know, hooray for learning a little self-control, right?

And generally loved the heck out of the whole darn weekend.

Story brings people together in ways that nothing else can, as this year's Story @ Home conference demonstrated.

See you next time for SURE!!


Emily said...

Thanks to you, I have one of THE BEST conference memories EVER. You are a dream and I'm glad we're friends.

P.S. You rock a Steinway like nobody's business.

L.T. Elliot said...

It sounds wonderful! I'm sad to have missed it. But so glad to know you had a great time and others had a great time with you!

seashmore said...

How could it have been anything than great with all those wonderful people there?
Hope I can make it the next time it comes around.

Kazzy said...

Holy smokes, I was texting Gid through out your presentation to tell him you were throwing in the Steinway in a flash of impromptu brilliance!

Always good to rub shoulders with you.


Wonder Woman said...

Loved the conference. Took more notes in your class than anyone else's. And don't worry about the spilling, or swearing. It's been a few years since I was in the JSMB and when I walked in, I compared it to The Venetian in Vegas.

Is the DDP section next to the Siet Coke section? 'Cuz that's probably where I'll be.

Garden of Egan said...

It was so stinking cool to sit in on that class.
You were super!

No one leads a non musical class like you do.

Stepper the Mighty said...

OH yes, that bride story shall live in infamy.

I am half way into Tell Me Who I Am and am loving it! So much, in fact, that I've started buying it for other people that I love.

I meant to ask you, though, you kept referring to a gal toward the back who has an amazing story that she blogged about. I missed the name of the blog - what was that again?

And now I really wish I could take one of your institute classes.