Sunday, December 25, 2011

Take Us to Warp 8, Mr. Claus

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 25:

Christmas Day!

Weeks of work, worry, and fudge consumption have finally paid off!

The hours spent listing, shopping, wrapping, taping, re-wrapping because you forgot to wrap the batteries, carefully positioning gifts under the tree, decorating, cooking, scraping wax off your plates -- in short, all the time and energy involved in making this Christmas one to remember can now be savored and enjoyed all day lon---whoops!

It's over.

Well, this year you managed to stretch the celebration to nearly 12 minutes. That's a good four minutes longer than last year. The kids are growing up, I guess.

Pour yourself a nice breakfast Diet Coke, find a good novel and a wrapper-free corner of the house, and pin a "Closed Until December 26" sign to your bathrobe.

Tomorrow, you'll pull out the leaf blower to deal with the detritus, dredge up all 1,500 sales receipts needed to return pretty much everything you've spent the last six weeks searching for, and head out into the post-binge melee.

However, this day is yours. You've survived, everyone's happy, and there's a long winter's nap in your future.

But first, how about a bit of fudge?

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