Monday, December 12, 2011

Keep the Receipt

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 12:

Today was one of those shopping days when you left the house announcing that if those dishes weren't done when you got back, you swear, you'd give all the kids' presents to homeless people, you meant it, that kitchen better SHINE, you'd better be able to EAT off those dishes.

However, upon returning home six exhausted hours later you discovered that the girls had used every dish in the house as a candle holder on because what the house really needed was a little Christmas 'ambiance,' and of course they had to borrow dishes from the neighbors to eat their mac n' cheese off of because all YOUR dishes were -- inexplicably -- covered in wax.

And when you shrieked (mouth full of fudge) that you wanted the kitchen CLEAN, you're pretty sure you made that CLEAR, they said with perfectly straight faces and just a touch of wounded bewilderment, "We didn't know you wanted it done today..."

Better have truckloads of fudge on hand, because this will happen more than once during the season.


Beka said...

Were you at my house yesterday??! I musta missed you, you know, because of all the rage. :)

Wendys Hat said...

I'm glad I'm not alone ;)

Momza said...

Ugh. This was nearly an exact account of my Saturday. I left to go buy presents for the people in my house, husband in tow-- and said "Guys, whose-ever day it is for kitchen, please have it done before I come home." Totally fell on deaf ears. I wanted to turn around n' go right back out the door as I saw the kitchen looked worse than when I left, and kids sitting around watching TV. ARGH! I need fudge.

Jillybean said...

It's almost like you're hiding in my aren't, are you?

AS Amber said...

Hahahahaha!!! This is one of my favorites. Probably because I know your girls and I can TOTALLY see them doing this.

"You'd better be able to EAT off those dishes", is my favorite line of all your salutes to fudge.

JoeinVegas said...

I hope you did follow through and give all their stuff away