Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Eat It

OK, we all agree that I need to be more charitable and less self-absorbed.  So, in the spirit of leaf-turning-over, we return to my celebrated Salute to Fudge!

What?  They're called 'baby steps,' Judge McJudger Heads.

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 6:

You volunteered to decorate a table for the Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Brunch -- not as part of the first wave, known as the "Brilliant Army of the Creative" -- but as part of the second wave, commonly referred to as "The Grossly Untalented Willing."

While everyone else broke out their 42 piece, gold-and-diamond encrusted holiday dinnerware and centerpieces made entirely of frankincense and myrrh, your table is a tribute to Melmac and paper napkins.

Just sit at a table across the room -- preferably at a place with lead crystal goblets -- and bolt when the White Elephant exchange begins.  There's a fresh batch of fudge waiting at home on a paper plate, tasting just like ambrosia even without the Fiestaware of the Gods.


Unknown said...

pshhh ur table was adorable :P i'm just gad we decided to scratch the pipecleaners...

Stef said...

I would totally sit at your table...does that fudge come from BYU Bookstore by chance??? Just wondering.

DeNae said...

Is she kidding? Stef, are you kidding?? She's gotta be kidding, right? Stef, darling, new to my blog Stef. Do you not know that my blog has - through no unrighteousness of my own - been BANNED from the BYU on-campus internet system, a fate it shares with - of all things - the Mormon Messages?

Heavens, NO, this fudge does NOT come from the BYU bookstore! It comes from my own, lovely, blog-tolerating kitchen! You must return to Day 1 and read all the entries. The recipe is there!

(And welcome aboard...)

Karen Peterson said...

That lack of creativity is precisely why I nixed the "let's have everyone sign up to bring their gorgeous table settings to the Relief Society Christmas dinner" tradition. And no one seemed to mind.

No one brought fudge either.


AS Amber said...

Hayden's choir concert is tonight and I'm SO excited! However, I made sure to make sure HE was sure there'd be no band performance tonight. He's assured me it's just the cute 7th grade choruses.

I better take some fudge just in case.

AS Amber said...

Please cut and paste this comment onto the post about the band concert thing.

Sorry. I'm a li'l slow.