Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ham, Funeral Potatoes, Green Jell-O...and Fudge

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 17:

Tonight was the ward Christmas party.  Santa came.  Parents?  Comatose.  Kids?  Feral.

Waiting for you at home?



mCat said...

I don't even like fudge but am loving these daily posts.

Our ward Christmas party was last week, and for once (in a VERY long time) we went back to adults only.

Can I say it was SPLENDID?? And for the families that boycotted because of the adults only thing?

Did they forget they raised their hand to the square and said they sustained their bishop? It was his idea and vision....

Oh my goodness, slight rant there. I apologize. Carry on with the fudge!

Karen Peterson said...

Our ward Christmas party was catered by a local Italian place. I was busy arranging extra tables when, five minutes after starting, everyone realized that I was right when I said we underestimated the head count.

By the time I got my plate, the food was cold.

I had no fudge at home.

Lesson learned.

Jessica G. said...

Sounds like we went to the same ward party. Did yours have the cluster of old ladies sitting at a table in the back, shooting dirty looks at Santa for taking all the focus away from Christ?

Myrnie said...

This why I love you. Slightly awkward, yes, but there you have it.