Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Glue Factory

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 8:

Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no...

Your 7th grader came home today with "awesome" news:  After just three months of playing trumpet in the middle school band, he has been given the Horse Whinny solo at the end of "Sleigh Ride."

And now, for the first time since school started, he's actually practicing.  At home.  Where you can hear it.

The SPCA has come by three times, demanding to know who's steamrolling an elephant in your basement. 

I wish I could tell you it's going to get better, but I've known professionals who got to the 'whinny' part and choked so badly their bandmates beat them senseless with their own horns.  That 'whipcrack' you hear at the end of most Sleigh Ride performances is, likely as not, someone smacking the trumpet soloist upside the head.

However, you'll be amazed at how much better the trumpet sounds when heard through a fudge buzz. 

You may also want to switch your kid to tambourine, before it's too late.


Dixie Mom said...

I played trumpet in Jr high...I am so sorry.

seashmore said...

"fudge buzz"
I like it!

Julie said...

When my daughter was choosing an instrument, it was between the trumpet and the flute. She REALLY wanted to do the trumpet, but we "insisted" it be the flute instead. That flute carried her all the way through graduate school, but she STILL would love to learn the trumpet. I can just hear that horse whinny now. Lucky lady. :)

Wendys Hat said...

Ha! But that's my favorite part of the song!

AS Amber said...

Hayden's choir concert is tonight and I'm SO excited! However, I made sure to make sure HE was sure there'd be no band performance tonight. He's assured me it's just the cute 7th grade choruses.

I better take some fudge just in case.

Oh lookie there! My phone knows how to copy and paste for me! Smart little Smart Phone!

charrette said...

HAHAHA! Jeff and I have been playing a duet of Sleighride (complete with hand claps and whip cracks) ever since we got married (24 Christmases ago). So cheesy, but so fun. We never practice and it's never perfect, but that makes it all the more fun.

Love you! Tons! (And that's 2000 pounds of fudge, baby!)

Jillybean said...

My son played the trumpet all through middle school and is now in the high school Jazz band. We have always encouraged him to try out for solos, but he just never seemed all that interested.
Now that I know that the trumpet player actually gets whipped, I can understand his hesitation.

Fudge sounds really good right now.

sues2u2 said...

Hmmm, maybe that's why my daughter hates to practice - she's afraid that she'll be given the solo!

(this would totally explain why my brass loving sis who taught band in jr high laughed when we told her what instrument the princess was playing!)

Kazzy said...

Try saying "fudge buzz" ten times fast! This is why I am so glad my son plays cello.

Karen Peterson said...

My brother played the trumped in Junior High. Or, should I say, my brother took a trumpet to school. "Play" is somewhat subjective.

aunt dyanne said...

Slap on, Slap off, Slap On-slap off.... the SLAPPER.... Yes, both of my kids got the part of the whip cracks...mostly cuz there isn't a Timp or 'rimba thing going on at the same time... but none the less - it was actually a good thing they played the part..1) they were covering up any cries from the trumpet player and 2) it assured they were not the ones being beaten. Love my Percussionists!