Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Define "Nuts"

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 13:

Today was your gift exchange with your Visiting Teaching companion.

However, after she presented you with a miniature replica of the Nutcracker Ballet - dancers, giant tree, the works - all made from scratch in gingerbread and that impossible stained glass candy, and bearing a beautiful, hand-crafted card that said, "To my dear companion, for whom I gladly burned off all my fingertips to create this Christmas Masterpiece of Wonder and Joy", YOU handed HER a gift certificate for five free Junior Frostys from Wendy's.

Fudge works magic on guilt.


esbboston said...

Easily SIX Frosties, not five. And an order of fries.

(Fries = burned fingers)

Wendys Hat said...

Hey it's the thought that counts, right? See if she asks to be switched next month!

seashmore said...

If you're feeling really guilty, let her lick the bowl after you're done making fudge.

But if you want to see crazy things with gingerbread, fondant and that crazy stained glass candy, go to the Mormon Trail Center next to the Winter Quarters temple. It warrants a Gingerbread Coordinator in the wards of 3 stakes.

Brooke said...

Geesh, I WISH someone would give me Frosty coupons rather than the "lovely" homemade knick-knacks I usually get. My policy is: Something you can eat is ALWAYS better than something that you have to dust around!

tammy said...

You give your visiting teaching companion a gift?? Better make my fudge a double.

AS Amber said...

Aww crap. That reminds me I have to get my VT ladies something...maybe fudge!