Monday, December 19, 2011

Carol of the Dumbbells

DeNae's Salute to Fudge, Day 19:

Six days before Christmas, the bishopric member in charge of December meetings notices that the 25th falls on a Sunday this year.  "Oh, gosh," he thinks. "I have a vague memory of us doing something kinda special on that day."

Naturally, he calls you, the ward music chairman and de facto choir director, with the suggestion that 'we' put together a 60 minute program, complete with solos, instrumental numbers, and, 'oh, seven or eight choir pieces.'  And by 'we' he means, "Sister Handy, I'm reformatting my mental hard drive such that after this meeting it will be as though you and I had never met."

The truly obnoxious thing about all of this is that next week, you will have pulled a fantastic program out of your ... lifetime of experience, which means the only thing this guy will learn from the whole deal is that you can do anything, provided you not sleep for a week and postpone your Christmas shopping until January.

If ever there was a call for fudge, it's now.

Click here to watch my favorite Christmas music video of all time.  I've conducted at least 30 choirs that sounded just like this, including the bass on the back row who only came because he heard there were refreshments.


Jessica said...

Fabulous!! Now my boys are clucking every Christmas song they can think of! Merry Christmas to me...eating fudge right now.

Dixie Mom said...

I'm a little stressed for you! But I'm sure you can pull something out of your....lifetime experience. Merry stinking Christmas dear.

Jillybean said...

It's times like these that having absolutely no musical experience can be quite useful.
However, I can tell you about the time that I made 12 nativity costumes the night before the ward Christmas party.

Karen Peterson said...

Have fun with that. I'm speaking in my ward on Christmas. The first counselor gave me three months notice. I think I'll start preparing on Friday.

Becky said...

Having been the Ward Music Chair, this post had me rolling from the start. But the Music Video at the end? Priceless. I laughed so hard I thought my water broke. (really I just peed myself)
Isn't it great when they want you to coordinate the songs for the meeting with the topics of talk, but they don't think to get you the topics until the morning of? Holy Toledo, people. The organist needs a LITTLE advance notice.
And while I'm on the subject, the piano and organ are NOT interchangeable instruments. Being able to play one, does not mean you can play the other.

Stef said...

And that is why you must be amazing. I would have said, okay, remember the Primary Program we had about 2 months ago...Let's hit rewind...

Kazzy said...

What??? We had our Christmas program the week before. A nice big hymn sing this Sunday.

You will do a great job, I am sure!