Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Wise One Wednesday - Friends, Family, and Fudge

Having a great week! First, Ken and Katie Craig were in town yesterday, making their podcast debut with Richard and Linda Eyre, so afterward they brought their seven - that's right, S-E-V-E-N astonishingly well behaved children to our home for dinner.  Oh, the fun we had together.  We miss them t----h----i----s much, and they're definitely on our list of "people we're praying up to UT from Las Vegas."

Today is going to be fun, fun, fun!  I'm doing my podcast on the Mormon Channel with Elisa Scharton as host and co-guest Brandon Mull.  Elisa has been my good friend for years, smuggling Diet Coke onto the BYU campus and surviving two nights in the most flea infested, Addams Family reject of a hotel room on the face of the earth.  From now on, Elisa chooses the restaurants, and I book the accommodations.  

And I recently read the first 'Fablehaven' book, so now Brandon and I are practically soul mates. I'm dying to hear what he thought of my first book, 'The Accidental Gringo.'  I'm sure he'll bring his copy for me to sign.  I get that all. the. time.

I'll also be interested to know if he remembers his first experience with Ken Craig.  That's all I'm saying, Kenneth.  It's your story to tell, and your apology note to write.

Anyway, I know this is Wednesday, so you're expecting O-WOW.  And well you should, given that my O Wise One Wednesday Wisdom is Wowwing Worshipers Wheverywhere.

OK, the alliteration lost a little steam just now, but you get the idea.

Next week, fer sher.

Instead, I wanted to do two things:  First, thank you all for contributing to the LDSBC fundraiser.  My last peek at the widget showed that during November you helped raise more than $10,000 for single parents to go to college.  So, in your simple, anonymous way, you've saved two moms and their families.  I'll leave the widget up so you can still donate, but I won't talk about it any more unless you have questions.  Well done, my friends.  I knew I could count on you.

Second, I wanted to know if you were interested in my 25 Days of Fudge Advent Blog Posts this year.  If you'd like to see them up here again, I'll gladly re-tool them (life has given us all so many MORE reasons to need marshmallow fudge during the month of December, don't you think?) and pop them up here every day starting tomorrow.

But if you're sick of fudge stuff from me every Christmas, then I won't bother, and instead I will hog all the fudge for myself and just post YouTube videos of kittens doing adorable things.  That'll teach you, you sassy bloggy pals.

Woops!  Gotta scoot!  Let me know about the fudge, and I'll let YOU know who won my Family Christmas Letter contest in the next couple of days.  Woot woot!!

Incidentally, if you would like me to write your family Christmas letter, drop me a line at mybackorderedlife at gmail dot com. There is a tiny fee (under $10,000, so that's manageable, right?) but I'd be happy to do it for you.  One thing I promise: Regardless of the kind of year you really had, all your friends and relatives will think it was EPIC.


seashmore said...

Wait, you have a podcast on the Mormon channel?!

Jillybean said...

Will this be real fudge, because I love fudge. (especially when someone else makes it)

Kazzy said...


That would have been a fun dinner to be a part of. And the podcast sounds fun.

ps You are singing on my post today...

Heidi G. said...

You are one busy girl!!!! Hope all went well. Hope to keep-in-touch. Maybe we can get-together after the holidays. I look forward to your ideas!

Beka said...

Um, yeah I want the fudgy-goodness of advent genius!
How can I hear the podcast?! (I'm not very "wise" with this kind of thing)

Becca said...

I love the fudge posts. But mostly, I love the everyday part. So how about my vote is: Blog about whatever you want, but do it every day so I can cal it my own little Christmas present! What say you? Deal?

(Also, Stans. High is doing Little Women, adn I may have to bring the girls out that way in the next 2 weeks. Are you in?)

MarieC said...

YES YES YES to Advent fudge!

AS Amber said...

I will personally jab candy canes in anyone's eyes who says they don't want the daily, fudgy goodness.

So does Brandon remember Ken???

That is the biggest Blow-Pop I have ever seen. I can't wait to see your famousness!!! Love you!

tech savvy said...

You were AMAZING yesterday! I saw the pictures and video-- I can't wait until the actual Video episode airs!!

Dorothy Rumsey said...

I will add three YESES (You know what I mean) to my daughter MarieC's three YESES for the Advent Fudge. I miss seeing you down here in Vegas (stake choirs and such).

charrette said...

Kitten videos...absolutely! I'm completely allergic, physically AND mentally, to all things CAT.

But where's the link to the podcast?!?