Tuesday, September 27, 2011

O Wise One Wednesday

See how excited our little owl friend is to be back!
Say hello to the nice people, Dan Rizzoli's owl picture!

Yes!  Yes!  You wished on that star, blew out all the candles, rubbed the lamp, and spit on the dog, and now your dreams are coming true!

O-WOW has returned with the vengeance of a ten cent burrito!

I have so much wisdom piled up from over the summer -- what with all that moving and traveling and eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag -- that if I don't share some of it soon I'm likely to just splat all over the cul de sac, which is where my neighbors choose to do their splatting,  Being new to the cul de sac, however, I feel there needs to be a cooling-off period before engaging in any splatting of a personal nature.  There really is a protocol to these things.

SO...on Friday last I had lunch with several uber awesome people -- Becca, Melanie, Kazzy, Jana, Stephanie, Debbie... and who else?  Oh, yeah.  Me.  These gals are such superstars in both the writing and the blogging worlds that I don't think I need to even link to their blogs.

And by that I mean I'm writing this on my eensy weensy laptop and right-clicking for any purpose is muy dificil, and also very, very difficult.

Anyway, at least half of these women bring cameras to all these events.  It should be noted that often it is the most beautiful members of our group who are all over the picture taking thing, although in this case there were some real stunners who were camera-free.

The following photograph is from Debbie's camera.  Debbie is darling, and her camera looks like something that snapped off the Hubble telescope.  It's huge, and completely relentless in its pursuit of absolute, visual truth.

So, today's wisdom is this: 


Unless you want the Billy Goats Gruff avoiding bridges for fear of running into you, it might be a good idea to whip a comb through your hair and take a Magic Eraser to at least three of your chins before allowing Debbie's camera within fifty feet of your person.

Also, never, ever wear a blouse that looks like a shower curtain.  There's just no right way to make that work.

Now you know.


charrette said...

I LOVE YOU! And your hair and your blouse and the whole dang person!

p.s. I TOLD you I ruin every photo! xoxo

p.p.s. the word verification is SUBLE. I think it wants to be SUBTLE but there is no such thing as subtle on your blog, and so we get...suble.

The end.

Becca said...

I want your shower-curtain shirt if you ever really decide that it doesn't work for you.

Just saying.

Kristina P. said...

I think you look cute and sassy!

BTW, Steph and your sister and I are meeting for breakfast tomorrow. You should come. I heard Chick-Fil-A sells Magic Erasers made out of chicken.

Pidg said...

Okay, while I too think this is a great picture of you. I just about shot a snot rocket out of my nose when you made the shower curtain remark. I made it through the magic eraser and then that! Haha! You kill me!

wendy said...

shower curtain...that is so funny.
I thought you looked great.
but Debbie came with your sister Amber to my sons' viewing last November...meant a great deal to me to see them.

good writers all of you!!

wendy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kazzy said...

Oh, stop it with your self-deprecating remarks. You are cuteness and a bag of chips!

Garden of Egan said...

So cute!!!!
I love that you now live in Zion.
I may be a little jealous.
Not of the Zion part, just lunching with such awesomeness.

Oh, it really doesn't look like a shower curtain either.