Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell Me About It

So, hi there.  How's it going?  Great, great...

OK, enough chit chat.

There's this thing I've been wanting to tell you about all summer, and I haven't had a chance because the Fates smiled on us and then basically mooned us, and the upshot is we're moving.  So I lost my mind four weeks ago. And it's freaking hard to find something that tiny, especially when your house looks like Wal Mart and U-Haul had a love child, who then vomited all over your living room.

Anyway, here's the thing.  That I've wanted to tell you about.  You know, that I mentioned in the last paragraph.  Honestly, please try to keep up; I'm a busy woman.

As you know, I love stories.  I love to tell stories, I love to hear stories (unless they're about what you dreamed last night, in which case I am likely to strangle you with your own nightgown), and I love to write stories.  The wonderful thing about MY stories is they are ALL true -- you know, right up to the point where I'm just making crap up.  But until then, my stories are TOTALLY true.


My darling friend, Carol Rice, is the Owner, Operator, and all around Swell Gal behind this very cool company called "Cherish Bound."

Cherish Bound is a storytelling, storywriting, storybook producing company -- and YOU are the author.

Every summer, Carol offers a special writing-camp type program for kids, sort of a way to get your kids talking about their lives and experiences and putting them some place permanent and awesome.  So a trip to the beach, a week with grandma, an overnight campout with friends -- all these can be documented by your kids, and Cherish Bound will provide all the support (like how to write the story) and then turn your child's story into a book.

They will totally ROCK the "What I Did Last Summer" brag-off that first day of school.

You really need to check this out.  The entire program is just $28, and it takes your kids from start to finish. 

Not only that, Carol has some amazing story-producing programs and systems over at her website.  She just gets it, you know?  She understands what I've been preaching forever:  Everyone has a story, and those stories need to be told.

So, you gonna let those kids send your power bills into national debt territory by standing in front of an open fridge, whining about being hungry? Or are you going to invite them to WRITE about standing in front of that open fridge, whining about being hungry?

Hel-LO??  It's a YES-brainer.  Imagine: Your kids will be thinking, creating, engaging.  In JULY!!

Who'da thunk it??

Click right here to get started.

Oh, and you can thank me by coming over with your magnifying glass and helping me find my brain. 

C'mon!  I'd do it for you...


seashmore said...

That sounds like an awesome program! If I had kids, I'd definitely sign them up.

Come to think of it, I've been mistaken for a child before. And I've been thought to be hiding in a refrigerator.

Kristina P. said...

Can it support my 1,026 pictures of The Hoff?

Dixie Mom said...

Super clever. Only for kids?

DeNae said...

@Seashmore and @Dixie Mom -- you don't need to do this with just kids, although the "About Me" book does kind of have a "kiddish" look to it. BUT if you'll click on the "Cherish Bound" link earlier in my post, it will direct you to Carol's home page, and you'll see all the wonderful products she has, including a gazillion just like this kid one, only for adults.

@Kristina -- yes. For $7,000 plus shipping, handling, and any damage multiple projectile vomitings might do to one's computer monitor.

Becca said...

That is such an excellent idea. I have a friend who did something like this with her elementary classroom - they wrote and published books. Love it.

TisforTonya said...

I have piles and piles of the little cards from Cherish Bound that I bought at CBC - they're awesome :)

Rebecca said...

My kids have to write some every day, because we do school year-round. I'm going to look into her products! Thanks! (And you made me laugh several times during a product recommendation. That takes serious humor abilities!)

AS Amber said...

I should have my kids write about the time they were on the Timpanogos Cave trail and this one guy yelled at them and then their Aunt Kim yelled at him. Or they could write about the time (two nights later) they were out on their grandma's patio with their cousins, reading the scriptures (or telling scary stories...I can't remember) and the stupid neighbor guy came over and yelled at ME because they were being too loud.

That would be some good writing material.