Wednesday, June 22, 2011

O Wise One Wednesday

For reasons known only to the wild and wacky gods of all things Blogger, my cute little owl picture will not load.  Please don't panic; I'm sure he's just off doing cute little owl things, like licking Tootsie Pops and tearing bunnies apart with his cute little owl talons.

I know.  Adorable, right?


Yay, it's Wednesday!  The day when I put my excess wisdom out on the ethereal curb to be picked up by the collectors of universal insight, trucked down the highway of human experience, and dumped on the landfill of non-biodegradable smartness and assorted Jeopardy answers.

Today's wisdom comes to you courtesy of my empty pantry.  My pantry is empty despite the fact that I have been to the supermarket no fewer than four times in the last seven days.  This is a regular state of affairs for my pantry; it actually hyperventilates when anything more substantial than a bag of Cheetos and three cans of tuna make it onto the shelves.


The doors of the grocery store suck out your brain. 

This goes double for Wal Mart doors.  It's the only explanation for why everyone in the store is dressed like a flood victim, and why one time my husband and I went in for milk and came out with a television.

Oh, and no milk.

Brains?  Sucked.


Becca said...

Oh yes. The brain suck is so, so real. I'm a compulsive lister (for trips to the store) and it still takes all my concentration to find spinach in the produce section.

Brittany said...

My shelves hyperventilate when anything more substantial than pudding comes in contact with them. And collapse. Which is the state they are in now because of my trip to the grocery store. Stupid groceries.

Kazzy said...

And this is why I avoid WalMart at all costs. That and the fact that it is scary in there.

ps I have bunnies, and now I am going to go check on them.

wendy said...

so THAT's what happens......WalMart sucks out your brains.
now I will not be so judgmental of those patrons....I refuse to let them enter my brain cavity (albeit empty most times)

when you live in the country as I empty panty can spell disaster. You'd think I'd loose weight....NOPE, go figure. (or is it NOPE NO FIGURE) said...

OH. MI. GAWD. I had no idea that's what happened! It all makes sense now. I think I conceived my two children in Walmart! Can't I take the WalMart people to court for child support or something?

Wendys Hat said...

Too funny! I love going to Walmart after midnight. Good times! P.S. Blogger is messed up again. I can't post pics for 2 days. Did some investigating in the help section. Others have this problem too. There is another way to get pics up. I have had to resort to it for now too. Ugh. When creating a post click "Edit HTML" instead of "Compose" whenever you want to put a pic in. Then I switch it back when typing and previewing.