Thursday, March 17, 2011

Off to Less-Than-Sunny San Diego

My husband and I spent our honeymoon in San Diego, California, freezing our nalgas clean off.  Fortunately, they sell nalgas out of carts at the Tijuana border, so we were able to replace them before returning home.  And the beautiful thing is, they're always the tannest part of our bods.  Remember, we just celebrated an anniversary, meaning (for those of you using the Mayan calendar) we were married in March.

Now, having grown up in Utah, we had a distorted idea of what "Southern California" was.  To our way of thinking, anything south of Provo was pretty much a tropical paradise.  And because childhood vacations had always taken place during the summer months, it stood to reason that any place you went on 'vacation' was warm and sunny.  Also, no matter how you got there, your butt had fused to the naugahyde and the seat belts were glowing red-hot.  This was true of every form of vacation travel, including rickshaws and llamas.  Butt: Fused.  Seat belt: Volcanic.

So of course we packed for sunshine and warm beaches.  This was in the days before Google; in fact, Benjamin Franklin had only the year before invented the almanac.

Hence, the frozen and detached nalgas.

Twenty-six years later, during which time we spent four years in the Caribbean and nearly ten in Las Vegas, we finally came to our senses about what constituted "warm," which explains why I had my furnace AND my fireplace cranked up today because it was a bitter 62 degrees outside.

This picture is from my own personal back yard only three months ago. 
I was pretty sure we'd get double the snow today.
Sixty-two degrees, people.  I swear, it was like friggin' Nome out there this morning.  What??

I know. You feel my pain.  That means a lot, it really does.

Anyway, tomorrow all four of the Handys remaining in Las Vegas are heading to San Diego, where I will be participating in the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp while my family attempts to get a tan through their parkas.

This is where we're staying.  It's called the Bahia Bay Resort, which, if I remember my Spanish, translates to "Bay Bay Resort." 
And yet, surprisingly, I'm totally fine with this minor imperfection. 

But I have missed the ocean like, well, someone who spent eleven years looking at it or surrounded by it, so I'm willing to forgive San Diego for the weekend's 59 degree forecast.

A reminder that we lived in Puerto Rico, where we spent every Christmas Day sunning ourselves on a different beach. 
I believe that this is where a less mature soul would insert something along the lines of "neener, neener."

Don't hurt yourselves trying to do the math.  I didn't mention that seven of those 26 years were spent in Seattle.  See?  It all adds up.

Living on Mercer Island, this was our view of Seattle. 
I am of the firm belief that this is exactly what heaven looks like.

Anyway, since some of you are new here, I thought I'd share a few more of my favorite stories, if for no other reason than doing so goes a long way toward explaining why I believe that the biggest threat to our national security is the Nevada State Department of Motor Vehicles, known in travel guides as "Hell on Two Dollars a Day."

That should hold you for a while, at least until it's too late to run to the supermarket and you have no choice but to let Domino's cater dinner again.  You are so welcome.

See you all on Monday!


Classy Career Girl said...

Have fun on your trip to San Diego! Stopping by from SITS!

Marissa said...

Glad to discover your blog - I went to college in Utah. I always feel bad for people who come to San Diego on vacation and the weather's cold. Looking forward to hearing you speak at Bloggy Boot Camp!

Hel said...

It was a balmy 83 degrees here today. I believe it will get down to 70 next week. But PLEASE take me with you. I LONG for the beach. I've never been land locked (every state in Aus has a beach... at least one) and I think it is slowly sucking my soul out.

Kristina P. said...

OK, my computer is being weird, so I am hurrying to leave a comment.

San Diego won't know what hit them. You will steal the show, my friend!

AS Amber said...

YAY!!! How fun for your whole family to be able to go! Will any of them be able to see your presentation? I'm so excited for you, sister. You're going to be so great!! Can't wait to hear all about it.


AS Amber said...

PS, sisty-two? Sixty-freaking-TWO??? You know you're gonna get in trouble for that one. And I agree, Mercer Island and surrounding areas is beautiful. I wish I could've come to PR when you lived there!

Lisa Loo said...

Everywhere you go you heat things up so San Diego is looking warmer all the time!

I already have all these stories memorized cuz I'm your #1 creepy stalker fan. Amen.

Go Diego Go!

wendy said...

Oh is a good thing you are far away from me right now or I would have to poke you in the eyes..........62 degrees and you turned on the furnace.
It is "barely" warming up here...yesterday is was a balmy 45 degrees and I was out without my parka and ski pants. We get 62 degrees that ONE day of summer up here (j/k) --sorta

have fun in freezing San Diego

Debbie said...

I am so jealous of those women that get to be with you at bloggy boot camp. I should so be there - parka and all. I look great in a parka.

Dead Cow Girl said...

It was great to meet you today! You are inspirational!

You are also hilarious and made me laugh.

And then? You made me cry.

Cheeseboy said...

Well, I am still trying to figure out what nalgas are. I am fairly sure they are not something dirty.

You are like a world traveler. You've been all over the west.

Andrea said...

Jealous. Oh so jealous.