Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ladies First

My goodness, what a week!  I came home from CBC, exhausted and sporting cankles on accounta I drank approximately seventeen thousand gallons of Diet Coke and then flew and sat and drove and sat some more and drove some more and followed all of that up by sitting.  Oh, and drinking some more Diet Coke.

And then I went to bed.

I met some totally groovy people who I already knew were totally groovy.  And some totally groovy people I didn't know at all but turned out to be, as has been observed, totally groovy.  And I met a couple of crazy people who blessedly also met each other, so, you know, hooray for niche blogging.

And I was reminded all over again that, for reasons I can't fully understand, I find myself surrounded by brilliant, hard working, ambitious and good hearted women, who it is a privilege to know and number among my dearest friends.

And NOW, I've been invited to a small gathering at Red Rock Canyon to meet Michelle Obama, the First Lady of these here fifty nifty United States.  Oh, and Senator Harry Reid will be there too; it was his staff that invited me.  Not bad for a middle-aged Mormon housewife who is possessed of all the political savvy of cat litter.

Yep, a week of meeting wonderful women.  I'll have more to tell you after this afternoon's soiree, although I have every intention of snagging a super mondo grande DC on the way to the Mrs. Obama event, which means by the time I get home we'll be able to use my calves as Japanese sleep tubes.

But I promise, once the cankles deflate, I'll be back!  With pictures I may or may not have pirated off my friends' blogs! 

Peace out, peeps!


Garden of Egan said...

Could I possibly be first?

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I knew you were famous!
Harry and Michelle? Please remember the little people when you have your own CNN FoxNews show thing.
You certainly don't have cankles, but I did witness an amazing about of diet Coke being consumed. Before you know it they will be snagging you for endorsements. Be sure to have one in hand when you meet Michelle.
Don't let the Secret Service and FBI dudes scare ya. Just have your hubs put the smack down on 'em.

Heather of the EO said...


Best of luck, lady.

And thank you for everything!

Hilary said...

Michelle Obama.
I like her. She gardens, and has great arms, and adorable taste in clothing.
I hope you become BFF's.

Kristina P. said...

I'm meeting Oprah for dinner, so I can't really stay too long to comment.

Love you, my friend!

gigi said...

Wow, that's exciting. Have fun.

Kimberly said...

Wowza! Okay, that's way too big an exclamation of surprise. Instead, how about I toss out a cool "Well, of COURSE you've been invited to meet the First Lady. It only makes sense they'd want to mean someone who has more than an ounce of common sense and who thinks mindless hatred is, you know, BAD or something."

Glad for you, hun. Hope it's highly enjoyable. There's no question that you will be ENJOYED.

Stacy said...

I'm still pouting about not being able to go to CBC. *harumph*. But I did get to take my eight year old to an emergency clinic for five stitches. Yeah, I would have rather been drinking Diet Coke with all of you.

MommyJ said...

I have never before witnessed such large amounts of diet coke consumption among all of my new friends. It made me feel like a true rebel since I drink the hard stuff... with real honest to goodness high fructose corn syrup.

Seriously? The first lady? I bet she'll be wearing something cute.

One Cluttered Brain said...

really? REally? the first lady?
Wowy, DEnae i know a famous lady!! And it's YOU!!!!!


totally know what you mean about the caffeine intake. I had SO MUCH Dr Pepper on the rode home, the day after, I just slept and slept NOBODY could get anything out of me.

But it was SO Worth it to see you!
I didn't get a pic with you though.
Next year, for sure.
Maybe I'll just photoshop myself in there next to you, K?

I'm going to see if I can leave a LONGER comment than Tauna, since she had to go and be first already. I mean, come on, Tauna, You already WON my bloggy camera and NOW you have to be first on Denae's blog to comment. *rolls eyes*
I'm not bitter or anything like that.
Lucky stiff.


Nah, I love Tauna! in fact I might even get to SKYPE with her if she can figger out how to download it to her computer.

Tauna is great! Gotta love her!

And YOU are TOO!
Someday We will be seeing your name on the BIG screen!!!

MRS. I-get-to-meet-with-Obama-and-the-first-lady.

Take pictures. If you can.
Then I can believe you. :)

Cause if you didn't take a picture, it didn't happen right?


Love you. I think this comment is L-O-N-G enough, ya think?

Diet Coke and chocolate. Breakfast of champions!

Lara said...

Look at you, you amazing woman!

I'm sad I still haven't met you. There's always next year.

Have fun rubbing shoulders with Michelle Obama!

Braden said...

Wow! Very cool. Enjoy Mrs. Obama!

charrette said...

SO EXCITED for you to meet Michelle.
And I CAN"T BELIEVE I missed you this weekend!

(Dare I ask, When are you coming back?!?)

Cheeseboy said...

Hm, doesn't sound like there were many men there. So far, every blog I have read is all about the women they adore that were there.

Tell Michelle hi for me. Tell her, "Cheeseboy says to tell you that there is no way you are going to beat him in battleship again." She'll know what that means.

She has great arms.

That Girl said...

I feel famous for knowing you.

Columbus Day, right?

Jillybean said...

Will you be bringing a Diet Coke to the First Lady?

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

I loved talking to you and trading writer anxieties with you and getting thrown out of the building with you. Yesssssss.

lori said...

Well how exciting! I like Michelle O - she has class. Looking forward to reading about the experience! Hope your cankles deflate soon - I hate when cankles happen.

M-Cat said...

Every picture I saw of you on everyone's blogs today - you had a dc in your hand. Now THAT'S how one should roll!! You never let me down.

Did ya miss me?

Interesting reading everyone's take on the CBC but the big news is you meeting Barry's wife? For reals???

InkMom said...

Well, I now have an advantage in the six degrees of separation game, since I know you, and you know famous people.

I just drank too much Coke with my Mexican food. I'm a little over it right now. No worries, though, I'll be back on the sauce before too long.

And I want you to know -- if I lived closer to you than, oh, a day's drive, you would find yourself with an overabundance of InkMom on your hands. Because I had the most fun hanging out with you this weekend.

annie valentine said...

Is it strange that the very thought of finding pictures to cut and paste into a post makes me need yet another nap?

And I made Elisa cinnamon rolls. We'll see if they make it to her house unmolested.

Kazzy said...

So cool that you are invited to such a gathering. Maybe Mrs. Obama will offer you a job as her speech writer. Now THAT would get me to listen to political broadcasts more often, like a good American citizen. :)

Amber Lynae said...

Enjoy your dinner. I look forward to seeing your pirated pictures.

Lisa Loo said...

I feel like such an outsider now that you are playing with the cool kids. {sigh} I'll be over on the teeter totter if you need me.

Sher said...

It was so great to get to see you again. Everytime I see you I'm always in awe. You are amaxing. I really, really want to be you when I grow up.

Love your guts!!

AS Amber said...

Just so you know, Sherrie says "amaxing" on purpose. She spelled it wrong once & of course no one noticed & therefore did not point it out & mock her for it but somehow, it stuck anyway.

And holy crap, sister!!! First you meet Annie Valentine & now the First Lady??? Is it possible for you to get any cooler!?!? (Oh wait, it says in the next post that it was 97 degrees so yes, I'd say you could definitely get A LOT cooler.)

Anyway, that's just so dang awesome! Very groovy, indeed!