Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March! March! March!

I looked out the window, and what did I see?

Spring had sprung in boring old L.V.!

That's it for the rhyming. Aren't these trees pretty, though? I just felt I had to show you what my silly town is capable of when it applies itself. Things have been in bloom here for a few weeks now, and considering that we're just minutes away from 150 degree heat, I figured I should share this with you while we still have something to brag about. I love March. My husband and I announced our mutual affection and admiration to each other on March 24, 1984. Our first kiss was March 31 of the same year. (I know, we sound like we were scripted by Jane Austen.) And on March 14 of this year, we'll celebrate 25 years of marriage. Can you believe it? Our marriage even outlasted Michael Jackson's!

It is still winter, of course, in the higher elevations. That's Mount Charleston back there. My house is not too far from here. We actually ski and snowboard at the resorts on that mountain. And by "we" I mean certainly not me. I have two claims to fame: One, I was the last member of the LDS church to read "The Work and the Glory" (the very last; I counted), and two, I grew up in a city that actually hosted the Winter Olympics, where you are 20 minutes from something like fourteen thousand ski resorts, whose license plates shriek "The Greatest Snow On Earth!" - and I have never once strapped on skis. Or laced them on. Or glued, or whatever those suicidal loonies do with those tiny boards before hurtling down an ice-encrusted slope with nothing but a giant lodge or maybe a grizzly bear to slow them down. To the best of my understanding, ski poles are primarily for attaching to your hips when you snap both legs off on the bunny hill. No, gracias.

Of course, there's still plenty of this in Las Vegas. That's a picture of a dirt field in front of our new hospital. Not that anyone is bold enough to call it a "dirt field". Around here, it's called "desert landscaping". Isn't that cute? And looming over the dirt field is a bare-nekkid mountain. We have lots of those in Vegas, too. Some are even geological in origin.

And we have these...

...and those.

Breathtaking, eh? Don't you just want to roll around in them and celebrate the coming of summer? Actually, after eight years here, I've learned that cacti start to grow on you. We have them lanced. What I don't understand is why everyone gets so darned excited when one of these things blooms. They spit out one flower something like every 372 months, and we're supposed to find that inspiring?? I'm sorry, but to me that's just downright lazy. And wanna try sniffing that flower? Yeah. I didn't think so. In Seattle, the main problem we had with landscaping was that it grew so aggressively we feared it would become self-aware and demand health care benefits and IRAs. And in Puerto Rico, where there is an honest-to-goodness tropical rain forest, everything sprouted flowers all year round - trees, shrubs, mailboxes, those guys who stood on the side of the road and sold cabbage and bananas out of a wagon - all just viney and flowery and ridiculously organic. So moving to Las Vegas was kind of like moving into a cat box.

But once a year, every spring, Las Vegas makes an effort. And for a couple of sixty-five degree months, it's a fairly nice place to live.

And don't forget, Las Vegas has one of ME, too! Grab your diet Coke, bring a friend for Sadie, and come warm up by the pool. Do it quick, before it's hot enough for me to wear a bathing suit. Trust me on this one.
(I would like it noted that there are eight, count 'em EIGHT photos on this post. And they totally screwed up my formatting. This is what happens when essayists fly too close to the sun.)


Kristina P. said...

Hey, it sort of looks like that here now!

And don't you look adorable! Amber and I were talking about you, behind your back this morning, while Harley was trying to figure out how he was going to make me miserable this time, and since he didn't have BBQ sauce, he just had to smile adorably. Man! That kid is trouble!

aunt dyanne said...

1st - i'm impressed by the photos, uploaded, captioned and beautiful all in the same post!
2nd - sorry - but I have never read The Work & the Glory.
3rd - still live 20 minutes (okay 35) from those ski hills - been skiing (in them thar hills) maybe 4 times in my whole life.
4th - Love March (Spring), Cacti, and YOU!

tammy said...

Gorgeous trees!

And don't tell, but I haven't read "The Work and The Glory" yet and even though I was born and raised in UT, have never put on a pair of skis either. I'm more of a "lounge by the pool sipping something yummy while reading my book" kind of a girl.

M-Cat said...

Those blooming trees look beautiful.

I skied once. The first year we were married. HATED IT! Never again.

Will be passing through later this month, I expect to still see blossoms!

And I HATED the Work and the Glory. It started out interesting enough, and then just got TOO cheesy for me.

Christine Macdonald said...

Stunning photos! Thank you for messing up your formatting for the greater good.

You are beautiful! Love this post.

Ahhh. Spring.

Melanie said...

Michael Jackson was married? Wow, where have I been, he is dead now right? Anyway, you can find beauty in the desert, at least that's what my best friend told me at 14 after she moved from Washougal, Washington (say that and then look it up) to LV. I thought she was lying, now I live in Southern Cali, in a wasteland of a place filled with cacti, rocked yards, palm trees, and somedays beauty. Thanks for reminding me, spring can be pretty. OH and so can strangers in blogland! Thanks for the pics:)

MommyJ said...

Oh, the things we have in common!! See, I have also never skied. Is that a word? Did I say that right? At any rate, I've never done it. And don't have much desire to do so.

Darn it. That's the only thing in your post I can remember that we have in common. But I'm sure there's way more than that.

It SNOWED here yesterday. My kids have been out of school for two days. Which stinks because we ran out of actual alloted snow days ages ago, so whenever they miss a day during the week, mr. superintendent schedules Saturday school. Isn't that lovely? I don't really care what he says, cause I don't make my kids go to school on Saturday. Sort of as a protest, because I think it's ridiculous, but mostly because I get up before daylight five days a week as it is and I will not let the silly school system ruin the ONE chance I have to sleep in all week.

I'm venting now... why... oh yes. Because it's snowy here, and lovely and brown and spring like where you are. This might be the only time I am ever jealous that someone lives in the desert and I don't.

Qait said...

My mom offered to PAY me good money to read the Work and the Glory. Still never made it past chapter 8 of book one.
That's a very welcoming cat box you've got there! I think I'd love to visit!
Our ice skating rink is just now beginning to melt. Ah, Rexburg.

L.T. Elliot said...

Your dog is pretty cute! And you weren't the last to read WaTG. I still haven't read it. *ohtheshame*

Kimberly said...

You look like the sort of person I'd love to sit by the pool and chat with. Such a warm smile!

Yay for Spring!

Molly Doe said...

Purty purty purty. I want to go to there, because I love blossoms in Springtime. and you look so purty too, out there by the pool. said...

Oh, and I feel so privileged to see your pics, too! Thanks, DeNae!
So what kind of tree was that that was blooming so spectacularly?
And I want to come this summer when we are both forced to wear swimsuits. Heh. That was a threat in case you didn't recognize it. ;-)

Kazzy said...

I am glad your town is applying itself. :) The popcorn trees are still unpopped here, but I expect to see them blooming soon. If I don't I may be going a little nutso.

Katz said...

Awww. That makes me homesick. My husband enlisted while we were living in Las Vegas. We're currently in Virginia and are still getting snow. Yuck.

Mallory said...

Wow...apparently, Las Vegas is an overachiever when it comes to spring. Blooming trees won't happen here in Ohio for at least another month (if we're lucky)! But, it's supposed to hit 50 degrees this weekend!!!

Not to make you feel old or anything, but my parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, too!

Braden said...

It is the height of tedium (tedia?) to go line by line after a funny post and say, "LOL this..." "LOL that..." but I am tempted. Instead, I will note that your formatting was very nice and those trees are gorgeous! Until half way through, I was wishing I lived in LV. Congrats on all the important March stuff. You know, it occurs that there are worse fates than to be scripted by Jane Austen.

wendy said...

DeNae, I think you want to be Canadian in your heart of hearts.
you said "eh"
you mentioned "loonies" did you know that loonies are our one dollar coins here. (I know, Canadians are kinda freaks of nature)

You have sandles on and I am jealous

I'd kill to see a blossom about now.
So I guess I'll just go pop me some popcorn and call it good

wendy said...

Oh and p.s., when you and hubs were declaring your "mutual affection" I just delivered my 5th child.


Garden of Egan said...

I'll try not to have anger...
I'll try not to have anger...
I'll try not to have anger...

Wow, DeNae, that is some seriously beautiful landscape! Flowers and blossoms. Wow. I sure am glad you are having such a great time by the pool wearing sandals and sunglasses. You are the luckiest girl ever!
Cute dog too! I would love to live in LV. Did you say new hospital? Maybe there would be a job for me there...I could sit by the pool, start and IV...sit by the pool...go do an enema...

Enjoy your sunshine. I'll enjoy my cold freezing gray day.

Brooke said...

Those trees just make me want to SNEEZE! I am opposed to anything that pollinates these days.

And I would venture to guess that the majority of people who read your blog are precisely the sort of people who would rather read a McGraw-Hill reader than the Work & the Glory. (Of course, they aren't all that different.)

Stacy said...

Our ten year anniversary is March 16th, and I've never skiied either despite the fact that I live less than thirty minutes from many, many ski resorts. I spend enough time in the hospitals as it is.

Great minds think alike and all.

Now if you don't mind, send some of those blossoms and tulips on up this way so I can ease off the 14 brands of antidepressants and vitamins that would be appreciated.

Hel said...

Hey DeNae! Dal and I celebrate our anniversary on the 17th of March. And I see I am only one of many who has still not read the Work and the Glory.

Love the pictures and I LOVE your dog!

Amber said...

I am so proud of you for uploading pictures.

As for snowboarding? I did that once. I am not sure if it will ever happen again.

Jessica said...

The desert really grows on you. After a few years in Tucson, I wish Texans would dig up this terrible grass and throw in rocks and a cactus or two.
The prickly pear cactus makes those great red fruitlike things. Pick them with tongs and you can make jelly. Kind of fun and, because they grow everywhere, free.
My shoes are just like yours only red.
I think I'd like to give you a quick push into the pool-just for fun!

Becca said...

Photos? Really? You'll need to change your bio now. Or not. I have spring envy, and just might show up at your door one day. (With allergy meds. Don't be offended if I have to sleep in a hotel. But your dog is very pretty, even if his legs aren't as hot as yours.)
My tulips are still under 18 inches of snow.
*I chose this. I chose this. I chose this.*
Inhale blossoms once for me, Kay?
(Okay, word-veri: "Depantri" as in, "Mama, where's de Crackas?" "In depantri."

AS Amber said...

Look how fast my big sister is growing up! Pictures and everything! It looks absolutely divine there. I told Tavis I was missing you & Kim & he needed to prepare himself because I don't know how long I can stay away! What are your plans for Easter??
Jessica made me laugh at thye sight of her giving you a little push into the pool.

And there's a MAN commenting here!!! First pictures then male commenters....

DeNae said...

KP, stop having fun with the cutest baby boy in the world! He's MY cutest baby boy!

Dyanne, you're four ski trips ahead of me.

Tammy, get up here and lounge by my pool, then! And you didn't miss anything by not reading TW&TG. Pretty gaggy.

Melissa, I had you in mind when I posted these pix! Hang in there, baby!

Christine, considering what a beauty YOU are, I shamefully accept your compliment!

MJ, you need to have that baby. You've become a little muddled. And anyone who can move from Washington state to Las Vegas and find beauty there is a saint.

Jenny, Saturday school is just evil.

Qait, now that I know you're in Rexburg, I may be paying you a visit with a fistful of harp music! Please thaw out your fingers by then.

Laura, my dog is very cute. And see above re: TW&TG.

Kimberly, I would adore having you here, shmoozing by the pool! Any time, sister!

Molly, I think the word purty is cute.

HalfA$$tic, you kill me. Two middle-aged beauties, sunning by the pool? Bring it!

Kazzy, keep it together, honey! By the time I see you in April, you'll have popcorny trees, too!

Katz, I'm sorry you're in snow right now, but I'd give just about anything to live in Virginia, snow and all.

Mallory, there is no need for sass.

Braden, line-item compliments are welcome and encouraged.

Wendy, I love British Columbia; it's the only Canadian province I've visited. Had no idea about the "loonies", however!

Tauna, go bake some cookies with Qait and huddle together til spring comes to Rexburg!

Poor Brooke; I'm allergic to everything that grows in Washington. But you still live in the Garden of Eden, as far as I'm concerned.

Stacy, can't wait to see you at CBC! Your name's on my poster!!

Helen, long time no comment, mate!

Amber the First, snowboarding just looks beyond ridiculous. I hope you've learned your lesson.

Jessica, you crack me up. I can totally see a desert landscape fitting into your idea of order and tidiness!

Becca, I would be thrilled to have you show up at my door, Claritin clear! And I loved your WV interpretation!

And Amber, get your kiester down here toot sweet! Grab Jill and mom, and snatch Kim from Cedar as you pass through. Time for a Vegas weekend, girls!!

Katherine said...

Believe it or not, it's March in Iowa too! Although March in Iowa means everyone starts hoping the snow will start to melt, because we finally cracked 32 degrees! There is no actual sign of life, although I do hear rumors that people actually saw some birds that were brave enough to come back from down South.

Just ME the MOM said...

Okay! Really NO fair! Are you sure we share the same continent - LOL X~D

East of Eden said...

I apprecaite this as I am a displaced Phoencian and am missing the sun, warmth, vegitaion, anything not snow covered. Somehow the 150 degrees of forever never seemed as long as winter and snow does now. Maybe I'm living in a fantasy though

East of Eden said...

Phoenican = what we from the great city of Phoenix AZ call ourselves. I am displaced as I am north and east of my dear Arizona. Hence my blog name and moniker: East of Eden.

AS Amber said...

Aw!!! You and KP are too kind. But it's true. Harley really is the cutest baby boy in the world.

Love you, sister!

MarieC said...

My mom, Dorothy Rumsey, just turned me on to your blog. Love it. Just want you to take comfort in the fact that there are at least 3 members of the LDS Church who haven't read The Work and the Glory: my hubby and our two teenage sons.

I was born & raised in Las Vegas, and have now lived in Bellevue, WA, for 15 years. I miss the sunshine, and the crystal-blue skies!

Dina said...

I'm from Portland, OR and your post made me laugh so hard I teared up! Thanks, I needed that!