Friday, November 6, 2009

DMoG, Day Six

I'm writing a novel. At least I hope that's what I'm still doing. Having pre-scheduled this post to publish, at the time I'm writing it I am still filled with optimism and determination. For all I know, at this point I may have thrown myself under an ice cream truck. If so, pray that it's leaking hot fudge from the radiator.

6: I am thankful for orthodontia. The year I turned 40, I got braces and bifocals. While the bifocals have been nothing but aggravation for the last five years (every time I play the piano I feel like I'm falling down the stairs, and it sounds that way, too) finally having straight teeth is awesome.

The big surprise? Flossing. Until then, dental floss had to weave a precarious route of S-curves, steep hills, and unexpected crevasses - sort of the Tour de France of oral hygiene. And without Lance Armstrong's endorsement deals, the motivation to floss regularly just wasn't there.

But now? Well, now, I'm a flossing MACHINE! Yay, braces! And double yay for my InvisiLine retainer! We live in miraculous times, people.

We really do.


Kristina P. said...

Flossing and I need to move from acquaintance to best friends.

Brooke said...

My hubs is a dentist and has been trying for YEARS to tell people about how awesome InvisiLine is. Perhaps you could secure some endorsement deals to fund that new flossing habit of yours. You're a natural spokeswoman. :-)

Jan said...

I second your gratitude for orthodontia. I was lucky enough to start it young, but didn't realize until I was an adult the FORTUNE my parents must have spent to get my gappy-missing teeth mouth into something presentable. I am grateful for parents willing to make that sacrifice for me.

I like to floss too.

Mallory said...

Ugh...I HATE my InvisiLine retainer. I never use it anymore because I clench my jaws at night to keep it in place (or so I feel like I'm keeping it in place), then I develop extreme jaw pain! It is horrible. I love having straight teeth, but I can't say it has helped me floss more often! lol.

Melanie J said...

I've totally been thinking about braces for a couple of years. This would be round two because my wisdom teeth ruined the work of the first set. However, I just discovered I've got to shell out $5000 for my ten-year-old to have the privilege first. Wheee!

Your WV says "beadd."

Why is it telling me to be ADD?

The Damsel In DisDress said...

oh man! I wanna some InvisiLine. Had braces as a kid, hated 'em, so I'd love to have beautiful straight teeth without the brackets.

and it won't be long for me to meet Mrs. Bifocals. Drat! Now I'm worrying about the piano playing.

wendy said...

How is the novel writing going --gonna get it published. Will you do a giveaway . Where will I be able to buy one.
You are kinda like an Irma Bombeck --you should write something like that.

I hate cell phones. sorry. I hate texting even more. sorry Amber.

I loved the story at our luncheon Amber told of you texting during church. sooooooo funny.

and Hot Fudge under a radiator ---that is hysterical.

braces --I wish my parents would have given me them on my bottom teeth. Nothing like good teeth to make you wanna flash the BIG smile.

Flossing --I just use my daughters underwear (thongs)
the clean ones, come on now

wonder woman said...

It's actually easier for me to floss minus the orthodontia I have always wanted. I have nice, evenly spaced teeth, which have somehow become a bad thing.

At any rate, I'm jealous. I might very well be 40 when I get braces, too.

AS Amber said...

Orthodontia? Is that a real word? I mean I'm no piano teacher but that sounds made up.

I need orthodontia again. For the third time. Because I'm an over achiever like that.

And you do have a beautiful smile!!!

M-Cat said...

orthodontia rocks. Back in my teenage years when I had it, it was those full metal jacket kind. Now all the kids get are these little brackets with cool band colors.

L.T. Elliot said...

I want braces.