Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DMoG, Day Seventeen

so....much....dreck....oozing out....of....computer....need....ghost of....Kurt Vonnegut....to possess....fingers....

17: I'm thankful for my dog. Sadie's a seven-year old golden retriever who looks and acts like a puppy on acid. Small for her breed, and such a maniac whenever somebody comes to visit, people often ask how many months old she is, and whether anyone has scanned her brain in all of that time to determine if she, in fact, has one.

Thirty-two piano students and their parents come to this house every single week, so it's not like company is a rare occurrence around here. Yet whenever someone new shows up, she races around in a complicated figure eight from living room to family room, does several barrel rolls on the floor as part of a celebratory shedding ritual, and finally settles as far under the piano bench as I'll allow her.

She does this thirty-two times a week, minimum.

She is also, however, the sweetest, most cheerful animal currently residing in my home, and is the one least likely to give me static about doing her chores. Granted, her only chore so far is "run in manic circles when people come to the house" but she does it consistently and without complaint.

She takes personal objects hostage whenever she's feeling playful or neglected, but she'll always drop the dirty underwear or the shredded slipper when you offer her a treat. In this regard she is not unlike the rest of my family, and her treats are a lot cheaper. My kids have been known to keep an old sock in their mouths for days, holding out for cheesecake or gourmet pizza. Seriously, that is so annoying.

I have to admit, though, as cute and loving as she is, Sadie does have one characteristic I have a hard time overlooking:

The dog just can't seem to hold her licker.


The Garden of Egan said...

HA!!!!!! For some reason I can't imagine you with a dog in the house. In my mind you are so prim and proper and cultured. The thought of you dealing with dog snot and slobber boggles the mind.
However, it sounds like it's as sweet as can be and totally adores you.
As far as giving your children treats to get them to remove the socks from their mouths.....what are you thinking? Leave the socks in! It's easier that way!

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, my heck! Was I really first?

Rebecca Irvine said...

She sounds like such a fun dog... and is probably in great shape from all that running around the living room. Although I run around the living room trying to get in shape sometimes, but it never quite works for me...

L.T. Elliot said...

You have a golden? I have a golden! See, we're totally meant to be bff's. =]
My golden's name is Winston and he's about as lovable as dogs get, bless his heart. He's not the brightest crayon in the box but he makes up for it with all the lovin'. Even the door-to-door salesmen love him.

Kristina P. said...

Can you dog come live with me?

Qait said...

I prefer cats that act like dogs. I don't like dogs, and I have lately very much enjoyed tossing the cat in the bathtub and pretending it's an accident when she slips trying to scramble out.
The first time I did that, I was surprised to discover I actually have an evil laugh! It's so satisfying, too.

Well, if I came to your house, I would come with a machete and easily ignore the mess, but you'd have to watch your dog... >:D

*OKAY just kidding, kind of. I'd never hurt your dog if you like her.

wendy said...

That's all you need ----is a dog, to add to the humor/event filled days of your lives.
We have a golden retriever too ---well not really ours, belongs to the neighbors up the road, but he loves us and STAYS AT OUR HOUSE??
His name is Elvis

He is DUMB (I thought that breed was supposed to be smar)--but so sweet.
We want our own dog
so I guess if we get one we'll have to call her Priscilla
makes sense

AS Amber said...

OK, I have to agree with Garden. You really don't seem like the dog-loving type. But you sure are!

And Sadie is such a sweet doggie! I loved watching her with Harley when he was brand new. She was so interested in this little human.