Saturday, November 14, 2009

DMoG, Day Fourteen

One of my characters has gotten herself into a right proper pickle, and I will be DARNED if I'm going to get her out of it. You wander off, hook up with the wrong crowd, and wind up snoring under a pine tree wearing nothing but a poker visor and a wicked sunburn, then you have no one to blame but yourself, sister. She's been misbehaving since she first showed up. I think I'll kill her off. Call it "tough love."

14: I am thankful for my writing group. Didja read that? I'm in a WRITING GROUP!! Honestly, I couldn't be more tickled if Samantha Stevens had invited me into her coven.

Granted, we live sorta all over the place - Melanie's in California, LT's in Utah, so is Charrette, I'm in Las Vegas, and Brillig's in - you know, I don't know where Brillig lives. Probably just outside Jaberwocky County.

Anyway, living so far apart as we do, we aren't the kind of writing group that gets together and critiques each other's writing. Besides, that's so cliche, so totally last Thursday.

No, mostly we talk each other down from the ledge when we get behind on our word count, and serve as a gaggle of enablers when Melanie feels compelled to buy nine-inch heels to help overcome her writer's block.

(The shoes were freaking adorable, but honestly, even hookers would have required training wheels.)

The difference between novel writing and blogging is the complete absence of "feed-crack", a term I don't think is unique to our group but which we have embraced as our addiction of choice.

So, without even reading what the others have written, we still gush over how FABULOUS it is, how we are already notifying the Pulitzer committee that their search is over, how Norman Mailer and Ayn Rand have had their day and it's time to MOVE OVER, there's a new sheriff in town, that sort of thing.

It is so much fun to be reinventing myself at the ripe old age of 45, and to have this wonderful group of women with me as I begin this new adventure (only one of whom I've actually met in RL, and one I've spent hours on the phone with) is a blessing I never in a bazillion years would have expected to come into my life.

Add to that the truckloads of encouragement I'm receiving from my blogging friends, including awesome writers like Annette Lyon (oops, I think I dropped something. That's right, it was her name...) and so many of you I didn't even KNOW were writers, and finish it off with the love and support of my friends and family, and darnit, I'm just about the luckiest non-fiction, non-novel writing writer in the field of writing fiction novels.

I mean that. Every single word. In that order.

So I'm sending out a big, virtual mmmmmwwwA! to my writer's group. I love ya, girls! And I can't wait to actually read your novels.

We should get together some time, maybe at the mall.

I could really use a new pair of shoes.


The Garden of Egan said...

I wanna see you in the hooker shoes! I think you'll look totally hot!
Also, I think it is great that you are reinventing yourself at your ripe old age......45....ya whatever!
Don't buy green bananas (you may not live long enough to see them ripen)

tammy said...

I would just like to be in a shopping group. Forget the writing.

wendy said...

Well, when this book is finished ---will we get to read it. BUY IT. A give away perhaps.
Hey the girl found with nothing on but a poker viser and sunburn --(was that me?? I thought what happened in Vegas was supposed to STAY in Vegas)
next time I'll be more careful.

you are funny

ripe old age 45----------

try 58 --cause actually NOW, I just like to Fantasize about the poker viser

Migillicutty said...

45!!!!!! Dang! So what did the dinosaurs look like? ::ducking and running::

JK, 45 is really not that old. That means my orchestra teacher was a (self acclaimed) FABULOUS cellist before you were even thought of!

Annette Lyon said...

That is one great writing group! Yay!

(I love that you're writing about your character as if she got herself into that mess, and not that you put her there. That means you're a writer. Hah!)

Melanie J said...

First of all, mucho besos in return. Secondly, have I mentioned how much my husband appreciates the enabling of my shoe habit? He's thirlled.

L.T. Elliot said...

That training wheels comment almost had me in Depends, DaNae. Do you really want to do that to me? Well, at least I know you'll wear them with me. ;) (Don't kill me, please.)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

What a fun group! Can I join it even if I'm not a writer?