Saturday, November 28, 2009

DeNae's Month o' Gratitude, Day Twenty-eight

I'm up to 38,000 words. Seeing that awesome number on my word count was very exciting, until Amber pointed out that this meant I had 12,000 words to write before the challenge ends on the 30th, three days from the time I'm writing this post. While at this point I'm loath to throw words around wastefully, I managed to find three special words for my sister Nostradamus, the Prognosticator of Doom:

"Shut up, Amber."

I'm generous that way.

28: I'm thankful for Christmas lights. I know this only adds to my Philistine status, but if I could work my will, every house on my block would look like Clark Griswald's. Except mine, of course. I kind of like my husband, and his annual walk through the Valley as well as the Peaks of the Shadow of Death - known to the EMTs as 'hanging the lights on DeNae's house' - always leaves me a little edgy.

We have one neighbor who decorates for everything. Name any holiday - Yom Kippur, for example - and they'll have little animatronic scenes and craft fair refugees propped, draped and stapled to every square inch of their property.

And there are always lights. Want to know what lights to use for Groundhog Day? These gals have your answer. They make us, the illuminationally challenged geeks to the east, look like Helen Keller was our handy man.

In Puerto Rico, Christmas is a warm holiday, and it's not uncommon for fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars to wrap themselves in a hundred gazillion twinkle lights and drive through the neighborhoods at night, blaring Christmas music and throwing candy to the throngs of kids who race into the street to collect their treats.

Of course, the more cynical among us suspect that this is just an effort on the part of the hospital and prosthetic limb industry to drum up a little business to cover the cost of their employee Christmas parties, but even then, we get to see lights twirling round and round atop those vehicles, a blue and red celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.


Happy Mom said...

Yup the lights are one of my favorites too, but our house is generally Christmas light challenged. We have a few, but nothing to write home about. (And I'm always nervous that my husband is going to fall two stories when he does the one corner of the house)

The Garden of Egan said...

Since I took care of a guy last week who is a "professional" and has a business of hanging lights in the weathy part of town...and since he fell off a roof and broke his back........well, I'm trying to convince my better half that we have changed religious status this year.
I've invited the JW's to give me a lesson on the evils of decorating for the seasons.

Annette Lyon said...

4,000 a day? You can totally do this.

Shut up, Amber.

Brooke said...

Fortunately (??) I MARRIED Clark Griswold, so our house does cause a few power outages each December. The only thing I won't do is the huge lawn ornaments. I love mocking them - I mean admiring them - at other people's houses, but I just don't want to store them in my garage all year.

wendy said...

I too love the lights. We put ONE strand on our house deck. I am sure the deer, moose, geese will enjoy it.
oh yeah and our 3 horses, they like to stand and stare at the handiwork

wendy said...

oh yeah, and shut up Amber

InkMom said...

Ahhh, Christmas lights. Love them. Mostly I love them because of how excited my kids get when we see them. And how in the winter when it gets dark at 4:30 I can keep my kids awake while we're in the car by assigning them the job of "Christmas Light Spotter." They take it very seriously. And then bedtime is pleasant and I get 4 hours to myself before heading for the land of Nod.

AS Amber said...

Yay!! I got a shout out! Even if it was you being a sass pot!

I love, love, love December for all the lights. It's sad to me though, how DARK January is. I think people should be required to leave them up and ON til Easter.

Shut up, Wendy and Annette.