Sunday, February 8, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast... bring you the following bulletin:

Be it known to all and sundry, that as of Friday, February 6, 2009, despite her procrastination prowess and infinite capacity for not doing what really needs to be done, DeNae Anonymous-Blogger MacGillicudy finished her orchestration.

"Beautiful Savior" was debuted at her symphony and chorus rehearsal the following morning to rave reviews along the lines of "you wrote this?" and "huh, look at all the little black dots" and "can I go to the bathroom?"

The arranger celebrated the event by procrastinating the preparation of her Sunday School lesson through a self-imposed "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" mini-marathon sponsored by her DVR. M&Ms were served. Attendance was invitation-only, black tie optional.

We now return you to your far more interesting lives, already in progress...


Amber said...

Really? I'm first??? Yay me!

Aw crap. Now that you're done procrastinating does that mean I have to do the 25 loads of laundry I've been spectacularly putting off? That's not really gonna work out for me.

Amber said...

OH! But congrats! I wanna heeeeeeeaaaarrrrr! (How was that for a little-sister whine?)

MommyJ said...


That's all I have to say about that.

And good for you. :)

and my word verification looks a a squiggly line... seriously! Are those actually letters?!

MommyJ said...

they were letters... I tried it. It said arrunnmmed.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Some people can AFFORD to procrastinate, and you dear, are obviously one of them. Sign me up for your internet course called "the art of procrastinating while eating m&ms and still creating works of genius."

Lara said...

congratulations! It is my firm belief that procrastinating only makes the final product better.

R Max said...

Really? MacGillicuddy? I LOVE that name!

Can I hear your famous orchestration? I've put off my marathon DVR M&M swigging "American Idol" watching procrastination, specially for you.

DeNae said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess my name is not, in fact, MacGillicudy. That's the name Lucy always used when she and Ethel were trying to sneak into the cast of Ricky's show without Ricky knowing about it.

My real name is Inego Montoya. You keel my father. Prepare to die.

Life in the Highlands said...

In your honor, I procrastinated exercising, running errands (although if I'd actually "run" the errands, that might have counted as exercise), and other assorted stuff you don't want to hear about.

This might be the best Life Improvement Planning Strategy ever.

Hel said...

I wish I had something important to procrastinate.

Instead, I procrastinated commenting on this post. I think I need some lessons... I forgot the M&M's and I am still only the 10th to comment

Becky said...

Congratulations--that must have been a very time consuming project. A great feeling to get it all done!

Dad/Grandpa said...

When do we get to hear it?

Dad/Grandpa said...


Della Hill said...

My Mom had a cross stitch on the wall that said "If it weren't for the last minute a lot of things wouldn't get done".
One of my favorite short poems is:
Procrastination is a very great sin,
it brings to me much sorrow,
I really ought to give it up,
I think I'll start tomorrow.
Can I watch Law and Order with you?
I'll bring popcorn. Have you ever eaten your m&ms with buttery popcorn? So yummy.
Grats on your accomplishment.
(my word verification is DENEES. Tee hee).